Published by Wyrd Games, Malifaux is a fantasy/sci-fi tabletop skirmish game where players clash over the fate of an alternate late 20th-century earth that has been torn asunder by the re-emergence of magic.

If you like weird westerns, genre mash-ups, and actual lore progression, you should check out the world of Malifaux. If you like tight, low-model-count skirmish games where both players are making meaningful decisions on every turn, you should check out the game of Malifaux. And if you like companies that proactively work to keep their game balanced and fresh and doesn’t have a high cost for entry, for the love of God check out Malifaux!

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Getting Started with Malifaux

If you wanted to get started with the game, check out our handy introductory guide.

Malifaux Faction Focus Series

In this series we cover each of the game’s factions, how they play, and what you need to know about playing them tactically.