March Chapter Challenge – The Contestants!

Throughout March, posters in the Goonhammer Discord server painted an Intercessor each, using a Chapter name generated from the Random Space Marine Chapter Name Generator. With nothing else to go on but the randomly-generated name they’d been given, each goon was required to paint up their guy in a scheme of their choosing to best reflect the hand they’d been dealt.

The gallery is below – a winner will be announced shortly.

Aleth – Libators Innumerable

Booley – The Crows Purgatorial

Brin – The Wards Oracular

Bucnasti – Widowmakers Executioner

Coda – Head Guard

Corrode – The Skulls of Jonson

FromTheShire – The Hawks of Dawn

Koreban – The Life Eagles

Many_Wings – The Legion Invictus

Myopic – The Aurora Tigers

PantsOptional – The Omega Revenants

Pendulin – The Libators of Penance

Skails – The Punishers of Flesh

Tentacle Party – The Bleeding Heralds

That Gobbo – The Flesh Interceptors

Wizard – The Beasts Crusader

Zark the Damned – The Stalkers of Malevolence