Marvel Crisis Protocol Affiliation Spotlight: A Bunch of Updates!

In this series for newer or casual players we introduce the various Affiliations in Marvel Crisis Protocol, dip into their comic book history, and talk about building a roster around them

Various Groups and Unaffiliated Individuals Assemble

With the slew of characters released recently (especially in the US, where we got nothing for a while and then everything all at once) and the updates to many character cards last month this seems like a good time to go through and update the Affiliation Spotlight pieces. Starting this week we’ll update a handful of affiliations every other week to get us back to being current, in alphabetical order unless that gets boring. A write up of the new Convocation affiliation is coming soon as well, so stay tuned!

This time out we have updates to the following Affiliations:

I know, I know, that’s not many, but Avengers needed an almost complete rewrite! And there’s like 80 of them! I promise more than three affiliations next time, probably!

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