Marvel Crisis Protocol Affiliation Spotlight: May 2021 Updates

Now that the floodgates have started to open and we (in the U.S. anyway) are getting the new Marvel Crisis Protocol releases, a number of characters have been added to the MCP Affiliation List and we have a couple updated FAQs to go along with them! So your humble servants here at Goonhammer have likewise updated our Affiliation Spotlight guides to reflect these changes.


No big changes, just some tweaks to some of the just-released characters for the sake of clarity.

  • Mister Sinister‘s Cloning Banks Team tactics card was updated to state that you round down when halving the number of discarded Genetic Sample tokens to determine the Threat Value of a character from your roster to be added to your squad.
  • The Deadly Legacy Virus Cured? Crisis card was changed to be played on map C, not Map E. Simple typo, using map C forces everybody into the center which is better anyway.
  • Scarlet Witch‘s Curse superpower was clarified to state that the character that caused the effect (rather than the attacking character) is the one who gets the Judgment special condition. This is to cover effects that are not caused by attacks, like throws and Counter-Strikes.

Affiliation Lists

The following Goonhammer Affiliation Spotlight articles have been updated to include newly released or revealed Character cards and their associated Team Tactics cards.


That’s all for now. With the large number of releases in June (Luke Cage/Iron Fist, Cable/Domino, Deadpool/Bob, Amazing Spider-Man/Black Cat, Lizard/Kraven, Carnage/Mysterio. Oof!) we will more than likely be back with more FAQs and Affiliation updates soon. In the meantime continue enjoying our artisanally crafted weekly Affiliation Spotlight columns as we finish out the current affiliations with the Uncanny X-Men and the Spider-Foes!

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