Mini Fights !!! Painting tutorial/timelapse – Infinity Yu Jing starter box

The Goonhammer group is made up of dozens of multi-talented authors, many of whom have other projects outside of the site. Every week, PaintVagrant posts excellent painting tutorials on YouTube. These aren’t owned by Goonhammer, but they’re cool and good all the same.

Hey y’all, Brian here (AKA PaintVagrant on the SA forums/discord) to introduce myself and show my content. My channel focuses on a large variety of games, and I have started creating painting tutorials as well during the quarantine.

Here are my first two full timelapse videos – how to paint Yu Jing in the classic yellow scheme, in a style similar to the official Corvus Belli miniatures. I would describe the the difficulty for these models to be around 8/10. The videos include airbrush, edge highlighting, NMM, and other intermediate concepts.

Check them out here, enjoy and stay safe!