Model Review: Scorpius Missile Tank

This week the Scorpius Missile Tank goes up for preorder. Games Workshop sent us a preview copy to paint up, and I had a good time painting it for my Imperial Fists. There’s not really a whole lot to say about it that we haven’t said before – it’s another rhino hull, so everything from our review of that kit applies here, including the floor and back door requiring a lot of force to fit. Unlike a predator, this is an entire rhino + an additional sprue. By just not gluing the top plate on you can easily swap it back and forth between being a scorpius and being a rhino, if that matters to you.

The turret itself is easy to assemble without any options other than what angle the launchers are at. They have detents at the pivot, so having both launchers at the same angle is straightforward.

When we looked at heavy support units we called this out as a great inexpensive anti-infantry pick, and it’s great that we can now get it in an easy plastic kit.