Necromunday: 2020 Orlock Tactics Card Pack Update

Hey there, Scummers! We’re back with another update to our extremely lengthy tactics card article! This time it’s the Orlock Gang Tactics Cards pack that came out with House of Iron. As of the publishing of this article, this pack is no longer available from the GW webstore, so if you didn’t get it, fear not! We’ve got all the cool new tactics squirreled away in our comprehensive tactics cards article, linked below.

Fighters of House Orlock. Credit: Warhammer Community.

Tactics Cards

  • We’ve added the now-sold-out Orlock Gang Tactics Cards pack to our comprehensive tactics card rankings article. This puts us at about 322 distinct cards available for use in-game. That’s a whole lot! Fortunately, we’ve put in the work to sort out the good ones from the bad in this very article, so head on over and check out what we’ve got!

Necromunday: Tactics Cards – Which Ones Are Good and How To Use Them