Necromunday: Lost Zone UPDATED!


Welcome Scummers! We’ve got great news for you today, as our considerable Lost Zone supplement has been updated! Lots of players have played lots of games with this supplement, and we’re working feedback into thee changes, so let’s see what we’ve got!

Most of the changes to the Lost Zone are minor clarifications and fixes, changed to allow for easier and better understanding. However, there is one big change that players will want to be aware of immediately:

Special ammo and grenades are no longer Limited! Special ammo is now Scarce, and grenades are no unchanged from the main game’s rules (which is code for also Scarce).

We received feedback from several players that buying ammo and grenades were wastes of credits, as they would just up and disappear after one use in a lot of cases. This is against what we wanted to do with them in the supplement, so we’ve rolled back the change somewhat. Enjoy your munitions, Scummers!

Before we get to the change log, here’s the link for the latest Lost Zone rules: 

Change Log

October 2021 changes

  1. Gang Composition
    • Specify that both types of Cawdor champions count as “generic” champions and a Cawdor gang can take 0-2 of either.
    • Specify Helot Cults can take 2 champs *and* a witch
  2. Loot Caskets
    • Specify that unless the rules of the scenario say otherwise, each player places a Loot Casket before deployment zones are chosen
  3. Weaponsmith
    • Added the option to upgrade weapons and specified the cost in components of doing so
  4. Trading Post
    • Cleaned up some language regarding skills
    • Added rules for the Isotropic Fuel Rod
  5. Equipment
    • Changed it so all grenades and special ammo are Scarce instead of Limited. Since grenades are already Scarce (functionally if not literally), language referring to them was removed.
      • This was done because many players felt grenades and ammo were a waste of credits
    • Added a category for Specialists and what types of weapons they can use from the TP/BM
    • Added in the “Neotek exception” for Prospects with access to one type of Basic Weapon
  6. Advancements
    • Added in rules for promoting Cawdor Juves
  7. Skills
    • Restrain
      • Removed redundant language
    • Shooting
      • Formatted text
    • Added a category for Obfuscation skills
    • Clarified that Headbutt and Hurl can be used instead of a Fight action after as part of a Charge (double) action.
    • Connected
      • Added a rule that allows them to always visit the store they’re connected with regardless of Outlaw status.
    • Overwatch – text formatting
  8. Hangers-On
    • Changed the Tech-merchant to only supply wargear items and not weapons.
  9. Territories
    • Chem Pit – Specify that a fighter collects no Income when fallen in.
    • Hab Block – specify what fighters Cawdor players can recruit
    • Mine Shaft – Specify that a fighter collects no Income during a collapse.
    • Toll Crossing – Specify that no Income is collected during a shootout.
    • Water Still – Specify that no Income is collected when a fighter has a stomach bug.
    • Narco Den – rewrote the special rules to make more sense.
    • Gambling Den – specified that the owning gang gets to choose the fighter for upgrade 2.
    • Fighting Pit – Specified that no Income is collected by an injured fighter.
    • Archaeotech Dig – Specify that a fighter collects no Income during a collapse.
    • Fortune Teller – Specify that a spooked fighter collects no Income.
    • Local Chapel – Specify that the fighter getting attacked by aggrieved parishioners collects no Income. 
    • Prometheum Tap – add fire pikes and exterminators to the list of flame weapons
    • Soup Kitchen – clarify that the free hive scum is indeed free
  10. Stringing Together Narrative Games
    • Text formatting
  11. Outlaws
    • Text formatting
    • Added that Outlaw gangs can never be the target of an Enforcer patrol’s Shakedown.
    • Added a section on Outlaw Enforcer gangs

All right, Scummers! Let us know how these new rules work for you at We love that so many of you have chosen to give our little supplement a try, and we hope that you’ll stick with it through the updates. Happy gaming, Scummers!