Necromunday – Stuff We Like: Volume 1

Howdy scummers! It’s Monday – which is mostly terrible, but that also means it’s time for Necromunday! This week we are kicking off a series in which we highlight content creators we dig, and showcase a few gangs that have caught our eye.


Sump Hulk

A setting, an aesthetic, and an imminnent ruleset, Sump Hulk is inspiring some of the coolest (and rustiest) modeling and terrain work. We’ve been fans of sol_vince‘s work for a long time, and we are looking forward to more dank, crusty, environs.


Sump City Radio

Blending in-character sketches, rule discussions, hobby talk, and a healthy dose of grimdark humor; Hive Scum Steve and Underhiver host the premier Necromunda podcast, Sump City Radio. You can catch Dan on episode 13, breaking down the six house gangs.


Miniature Gaming Montage

Well painted minis, detailed environs, a splash of narrative flair, and some utterly chaotic scenarios; Miniature Gaming Montage makes some of our favorite Necromunda battle reports. Linked above is a particularly wild one that highlights the kind of wild ride we expect (and love) from Necromunda.


Magrathea Builder of Worlds

Tim is a terrain wizard, making detailed and characterful projects from a mix of materials. Above will give you an idea of what to expect from a Magrathea video – taking a Playmobil ferry and turning it into a floating Enforcer fortress. We particularly enjoy DIGGING THROUGH THE CACK and grafting assorted greeblies to projects in flight.

Gangs We Like

Shattershell’s Krootybois


Momma.Negan’s incredibly powerful Orlock


Exokan’s Ash Waste Raiders

Underhiver’s Van Saar Strix (watch the video!)


BuffaloChicken’s Escher Gang

That’s all for this one, folks! Look forward to more community spotlights on projects we dig and gangs that are cool as hell. Want to let us know about a cool Youtube channel, instagram account, or just show us pictures of your amazing dog? Drop us a line at We look forward to all of your messages, especially the ones with dogs.