Necromunday: Tactics & Nobles Update


Mornin’, Scummers! After a hectic two weeks of poring over House of Blades, we’re buying ourselves a little breathing room and bringing ourselves current!


Tactics Cards Update

This week, check out our venerable Tactics Cards article, newly updated to include all 18 new tactics exclusive to House Escher. (Also we fixed a few typos and mis-categorizations.) We’ll have Ogryns in there soon as well, as we’re going to be taking another look at the faction entirely now that the box and cards are out.

Necromunday: Tactics Cards – Which Ones Are Good and How To Use Them


Noble House Alliances

There’s only two so far, but that’s enough to get started! We’ve started an article in a similar vein to our Guilder and Recidivist Alliance breakdowns for both of the Nobles available so far. Sure, we could wait until Q3 2021 and do it all in one fell swoop, but if you’re looking to ally with House Greim or House Ulanti now, check it out!

Necromunday: Noble Alliances


We’ll be back next week with even more of the Necromunda content you know and crave, so hit us up at in the meantime, and we’ll see you then!