Necromunday: The Lost Charter Review

Recently, the Necromunda team at GW released a narrative scenario with associated rules. We got a psychic ogryn y’all…

Credit: Games Workshop

Let’s take a look at this Ogryn. He’s a big boy with psychic powers & Headbutt and is only available to Outlaw gangs. They start with one power with the option to purchase more at hiring.

Iron Arm: An additional and unmodifiable 5+ save in close combat. Situational, but ok.

Body of Flame: Immunity to Blaze or Melta and chance of setting enemies ablaze within an inch. More Blaze is always fun!

Weapon Jinx: Forced ammo check with 18 inches. Ok.

Overcharge: Give a ranged weapon +2 Strength +1 damage. Oh wait, it’s an Ogryn…. can they even take a ranged weapon?

Crush: Target a fighter or obstacle within 12 inches. If hit, the obstacle is destroyed or the enemy fighter takes an armor save. If they succeed, roll an injury dice and apply it to the fighter. Interesting… Given that the Ogryn’s BS is a 5+, you probably aren’t going to hit much, and you need a fighter to pass his save, this seems situational at best.

Terrify: Choose an enemy within 18 inches and force a Nerve test at -3. If they fail, they’re broken. Honestly this might be the most potent of the lot… but it’s asking a lot with a Double action.

The issue with all of these is the Ogryn’s willpower of 8+. It’s going to be a trick to cast any of these powers successfully. Love the idea; major Warcraft 2 Ogre Mage vibes. In actuality, it’s a lot of creds for an Ogryn that can do marginally more.

Credit: Games Workshop

Tech Raid

This is a loot casket driven mission with smaller fighter counts, seven for the attacker and D3+2 for the defender. That could get rough with a minimum of 3 fighters… The attacker needs to open loot crates and roll a 3+ to get Archeotech, needing 3 pieces to win the mission

Credit: 40khamslam

Even with a 2-4 fighter advantage, this seems difficult for the attacking gang to complete, especially with no guarantee of finding tech in the loot crates.

To wrap it up: is it good. Eh… I think we won’t see many people running a psychic Ogryn. For more narrative uses (i.e. an Arbitrator) having a psychic Ogryn in your toolbox is pretty fun. With a couple tweaks this raid mission could be used to good effect. I do like the smaller fighter counts.

Fowler: I like the Ogryn a whole lot more than the mission. Who wouldn’t love an Outcast gang with a psyker Ogryn leader? It’s certainly a unique opportunity – a counter-charging beast that can dish out melee damage or powerful magic. I doubt this list would set the world on fire, but it definitely seems like it’s worth a try! I am especially interested in trying out Body Of Flame – fire resistance AND the ability to set others on fire is far too tempting.

And that’s it! Are you interested in running the psyker chonk? Any idea for improving the scenario or gang? Drop us a line at: