Necromunday: Updated Articles and Happy Holidays!

Happy ‘Munday, Scummers! This week Merton and I are taking a bit of a break. Merton’s moving into his new house (congrats!) and I am in Holiday Purgatory, which means that we’re both a little tight on time. We were scheduled to do part II of our sprawling review of every Necromunda scenario, but we just don’t have the time to give you the kind of quality you deserve and have come to expect from us over here at Goonhammer. We’re sorry about that, but we’ve devised a way to make it up to you… somewhat!

A live feed from Dan’s life right now!

The major Necromunda FAQ from a week and a half ago changed a lot of things about the game. So we’ve looked through our earlier articles and have made some updates to them! All of our updates will be clearly marked in each article, but we’ll link them here for convenience.

Articles We’ve Updated

Houses of the Underhive – Goliath

The FAQ has mostly left Goliath untouched, except for the changes to Brute Cleavers. We’ve updated how we feel about that weapon.

Your Move, Creep! Initial Impressions of the Palanite Enforcers

Emerging from the post-FAQ Underhive are the clear “winners”, our Enforcers article desperately needed an update. We’ve touched on their new, unfettered Trading Post access, and the changes to Magnacles, the Heavy Concussion Ram, Stun Grenades, and Restrain.

The 2019 FAQ

We needed to clear up some of the language we used regarding Bounty Hunters. We still feel they got short shrift, though.

Initial Impressions of the Corpse Grinder Cults

Just like Enforcers, the 2019 FAQ changed quite a bit for our favorite Cannibalistic Humanoid Underhive Dwellers. We’ve updated this article to reflect their new access to the Trading Post and the weirdness surrounding Initiate promotion.

Special Ammo & Grenades

Stun grenades got a lot better, so we’ve updated our take on them.

The Book of Ruin Review

The strangeness surrounding the Cult Alpha’s extra arm is one of our least favorite parts about the FAQ, but we needed to update this article to include the correction.

Articles We Haven’t Updated Yet

Tactics Cards: Which Ones are Good and How to Use Them

This update is going to necessitate a whole new article, and we promise we’re working on it. We need to include the new tactics from Dark Uprising and fix the couple of errors we’ve found along the way. Expect a brand new article on Necromunda Tactics Cards soon!

Well, there you have it, gangers. We’re sorry we couldn’t get our Scenarios Part II article done for you this week, but we hope this will tide you over until next week. Until then, we sincerely hope you have a relaxing and wonderful holiday, but keep an eye out to see if any of your family members have grown a third arm or something. We might have the week off, but the perfidious influence of the mutant and the xenos never rests!

And as always, if you have any feedback, questions, or notes, drop us a message in the comments below or email us at