Necromunday: Updates

Welcome back, scummers!

It’s been a crazy week out there and while you’re stuck at home, the time has never been better to start a new gang or, if you haven’t tried Necromunda yet, give it a whirl! Dan and Jules are hard at work on new Necro content but in the meantime (I am personally going to start whipping them until they write a guide for me on how to play Helot Cults), why not check out some of the Necro articles you might have missed?

How to Play Necromunda (We Promise It’s Worth It)
In our newly-updated guide to Necromunda, we walk you through the basics of the game and give an overview of the game’s gangs and where to find our guides on each.

Also, we’ve created a single landing page for all of our Necromunda content: – if there’s anything you missed, it’s in there, organized by topic!