NEO and the UTC are Teaming Up!

Last month we announced the formation of the Unified Tournament Circuit, a regional circuit covering the area from Virginia to eastern Canada. At the time, many readers asked us about the inclusion of New England events. Some of you might have seen some of those events in our calendar, and we’re happy to announce an official partnership today, via the following release from the New England Open Circuit (NEO):

The NEO is happy to announce that we will be Partnering with the Unified Tournament Circuit (UTC)! This means that most NEO RTTs and GTs will be tracked as a part of the UTC – For those of you who want to travel and compete within the UTC, your backyard GTs will now also count!

For our dedicated NEO, there’s no need to worry, NEO events will not be changing and you can continue to expect the same high quality you are accustomed to; the only difference will be now you can also check out how you stack up against players in the larger UTC circuit!

We are excited to work together to continue building an amazing Wargaming community”

You can view standings, look for upcoming events, and check out scores and articles on the UTC site. And if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at