New Goonhammer Shirts and Merch!

You may have noticed a lot of new art on the site recently. We’ve been working hard to add more assets to the backend to make the site look better and as we’ve done that, we’ve had people ask us if they could get some of the new art on shirts and stickers. The good news is – yes you can! We’ll be adding new items to our Redbubble store over the next few weeks, starting with these designs today:

Credit: Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones

Space Marines Start Competing / Bladeguard Veteran image

You may have seen this fellow on some of our new Space Marines content – he’ll be replacing the old “Raven Guard pointing at Iron Hands” image for our upcoming Start Competing: Space Marines revamp and if you want him on a shirt, sticker, or art print, now’s the time.


Khorne Berserker Design

This guy will be showing up in an article this week, but we couldn’t wait to put him on a shirt.


Start Competing: Chaos Space Marines Tree Fort

Finally if you always wanted a shirt or mug or whatever with the Chaos Space Marines Tree Fort, we’ve finally redrawn it at a higher resolution and put it on the store.


As always, the profits from these designs to toward Goonhammer and contribute directly to our ability to keep the site running and do cool stuff in the future so if you’re looking for another way to support the site, consider grabbing one of these!