New Pages for Reviews!

Hi everyone, we’ve been doing some maintenance work behind the scenes to improve the site recently and make things a little easier to find. As part of that, we’ve made it easier to find our reviews. Check the navigation bar at the top of the site and you’ll find three new links under Reviews:

  • Books
  • Lore
  • Video Games

In Book Reviews, you can catch up on our reviews of books from Games Workshop’s Black Library, plus anything else we happen to read and review that isn’t genre fiction. We’ve created a whole page for this to make it easier to navigate:

Goonhammer Book Reviews





You can also get a chronological listing of our Lore Reviews for Age of Sigmar and 40k by clicking on the relevant link. With each new release we sit down and talk about the lore in the book, what’s cool about it, and cool hooks for creating your own narratives from the content.

And finally our Video Game Reviews now have an easy-to-navigate directory. Want to get the scoop on that old GW game in a Humble Bundle you haven’t played? Here’s where you’ll find it, along with a bunch of reviews of more modern games and some great retrospectives written by Jon Bernhardt.


We’ve got more planned with regard to making the site easier to search and navigate in the coming weeks so in the meantime if you have any questions, email us at