October 2020 FAQ Update Review – White Scars

In advance of the upcoming release of Codex: Space Marines and as promised, Games Workshop dropped a massive FAQ update on us today (remember when we said fifteen books needed FAQs? Turns out it was more). There’s a lot to digest, so we’re poring over every word of the updates and noting what’s changed and our thoughts on what it means for the faction. In this article we’re looking at the White Scars Chapter and the changes to their Supplement.

Overall the changes to White Scars are fairly minimal, with the majority of the changes being tweaks to include the AURA keyword and clarifications to Datasheets that put them in line with other units. The biggest change was to Wind-swift, which now requires that the unit make a Normal Move before the Stratagem can be applied. Previously the unit could Advance before the Stratagem was applied, allowing you to take a punt at Advancing and then seeing if you needed the extra move – no more.

White Scars Chapter Champion Credit: Alfredo Ramirez
White Scars Chapter Champion Credit: Alfredo Ramirez

Datasheet Changes

  • Kor’Sarro Khan’s For the Khan! (Aura) only works on CORE or CHARACTER units within 6”, which is nice because it means he’s still inspired by himself. You gotta back yourself, Kor’sarro.
  • Rites of Battle (Aura) updated to work on CORE units within 6”.
  • The khan’s spear now provides +1S when not charging or Heroic Intervention.
  • The Relics Banner of the Eagle, Plume of the Plainsrunner, Headtaker’s Trophies, and Cyber-eagle Helm were all updated to have the AURA keyword.

Stratagems and Psychic Powers

  • Stratagems and Psychic Powers were categorized.
  • Wind-swift was changed to only work after a non-ARTILLERY unit has made a Normal Move or Fall Back move, and is the unit is now forced to make an Advance move. No more Wind-swifting Thunderfire Cannons, I guess
  • Strike for the Heart now excludes ARTILLERY.
  • Encirclement was changed to work during the Declare Reserves and Transports step, and will not work on ARTILLERY or BUILDINGS. Sadly you are not allowed to outflank your enemy with the Hammerfall Bunker.

White Scars Infiltrators Credit: Alfredo Ramirez
White Scars Infiltrators Credit: Alfredo Ramirez