Warhammer 40K

Ruleshammer Q&A: October 15th 2021

Welcome to Ruleshammer! This week some more Q&A from your submitted questions! Adepta Sororitas: Holy Vanguard with two Squads Sharing a Rhino Q: Could you take 2 minimum size squads of Dominion in a single Sororitas Rhino and benefit from the Holy Vanguard ability (6" normal move at start of first battle round) twice? I don't think this does work based on perhaps a pretty pedantic reading of the ability. Holy Vanguard: At the start of the first battle round, before the first turn begins, this unit, or the ADEPTA SORORITAS TRANSPORT it...

Age of Sigmar

Faction Focus: Kharadron Overlords

Overview One of the factions made entirely whole cloth for Age of Sigmar, the Kharadron Overlords are capitalist dwarves who plunder the realms for Aether-gold in their steampunk ships and suits. Useful allies for the forces of Order due to their ability to control the skies above a battle, navigate difficult storms, and their general lack of self preservation in the name of profit. On the table Kharadron Overlords are one of the better shooting armies. In fact, almost everything in their army is shooting! So if you want to...

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Magic the Gathering

Commander Focus: The Rubaiyat of oh my Tayam!

Tayam, Luminous Enigma is kind of a strange card. He cares about counters, not particular counters. A lot of cards will have you remove counters, but typically they are counters associated with the creature itself, and the most common scenario is a creature that either enters the battlefield with some kind of counters and removes or gives them away, or else that generates some kind of counters and either places them or removes them. Ikoria though was the set with the idea of keyword counters, so you had creatures giving trample counters or deathtouch counters.  Tayam itself can be used to generate a sort of infinite combo, though it relies on a lot of token generation and then something that generates a fair bit of mana. It's the sort of deck that kind of durdles about then suddenly explodes, but can't handle much in the way of disruption and doesn't do much interaction.  It's a kind of playstyle I don't really enjoy, especially because it'll often struggle to close out games in addition to everything else. But the Saga of Urza's Saga, which didn't come out during Urza's Saga and is actually a land enchantment, an entirely new thing, can fetch...


Gaming Spaces: Dylan’s Space, Part 1 – The Hobby Space

In Gaming Spaces, we look at the spaces we've built to game in, talking about how they were built and how we're improving them. In today's first article of a two-part series, we're looking at Dylan Gould's space, starting with the hobby space. I've been fortunate to have dedicated hobby spaces for the last 10 or so years. When renting apartments we'd find places with 3-bedrooms and one would be used to contain my hobby stuff. When we bought our first house, I got half the basement and spent time semi-finishing it, building it out including a display cabinet built into a wall. It was a great space, despite the lack of headroom (I'm 6'4", so lots of ducking happened). It was around 270 sq ft and housed my collection and allowed for dedicated hobby and play space. It was a hard space to truly make nice, with a raw concrete floor, no extra space (read: closets), and no place to hide anything.   We moved last year and part of the new property included a semi-detached barn, that had its upstairs finished in the 1920s. Varnished beadboard as far as the eye can see and TALL ceilings. I...


Infinity – ITS Season 13 Hot Takes

Corvus Belli has released the Infinity Tournament System (ITS) rules for Season 13. Goonhammer's crack team of Infinity Tactical Operators were directed to provide an expert opinion on what exactly this means for the state of play for Infinity in the 2021-22 season. However, they all contracted a nasty case of gastro after a team building exercise at a suspect Sushi place. However, we met a pair of enthusiastic masked men in spandex at the Emergency Department who insisted they could pinch-hit for the Goonhammer Infinity experts. We don't know what they meant when they introduced themselves as Técnico and Rudos but we'll trust them to deliver the Infinity ITS Season 13 hot take that you all deserve (but not the hot take you need right now)...   Musterkrux: Praise be, a new ITS season is upon us. Just look at that cover art. What’s cooler than Anathematics and Ko Dali? Nothing. This is going to be the best ITS season ever, mark my words.  There’s a bit of fluff at the start that outlines the context of this season, which appears to be Operation Barbarossa (but with Speculos on motorbikes, which is the coolest thing I never knew I needed until...