Paint Crusade 2: Start Collecting Challenge

If you’re looking for something to watch next weekend, consider checking out Paint Crusade on Twitch. Paint Crusade is a collaborative live streaming challenge setup by The Hobby Room and Coda_Paints twitch channels. Taking place over an entire weekend, each Paint Crusade is a hobby-based challenge. The first crusade challenge was to “Paint half of the Indomitus box in 24 hours”, with Ceri on The Hobby Room team completing a massive 22 models to team Coda‘s equally impressive two models.*

On the 3rd and 4th of October, the two channels will duke it out once again, attempting to paint a randomly selected start collecting box along with the added challenge of a Cyberpunk theme and while only having 24 hours to complete this gargantuan task.

Credit: Paint Crusade

If want to know more information or want to join in on the crusade and take up the challenge, jump over to the Paint Crusade website or the Coda_Paints or The Hobby Room twitch channels, which will be streaming for 48 hours, continuously, over the weekend in 12 hour shifts. 


*clearly a coda_paints victory, am i rite or am i extra rite. Also coda isn’t writing this at all, oh god don’t tell Ceri I typed this.