Playin’ and Slayin’ #68 – The Weekender

In this episode, we talk about our recent Weekender event, the games we played, and all the hobby that we did in prep for that event as well as the upcoming Adepticon.  We also head into the BoD library to discuss everything we’ve been reading and watching. In crowdfunding, Troy shares some of his tales of woe. And finally, we announce the faction for the charity army.

You can find it here or wherever you get your podcasts.  There is also a video version on YouTube if you want to see our smiling faces.

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:36 What we’re drinking
0:04:03 What we’ve been playing
0:11:33 What we’ve been hobbying
0:25:15 Crowdfunding/Kickstarter
0:43:33 Old Gods of Appalachia/TW Mats/The World of New Island
0:56:11 BoD Library – what we are reading, listening, and watching
1:13:35 The Weekender
1:29:25 Adepticon 2023 Preview
1:43:41 Hobby Charity Army
1:46:02 Events and show close