Playin’ & Slayin’ #70 – Seraphon Battletome Review

A Battletome Review?!  We are joined by AoS maestro himself, Brendan Melnick, for our first-ever battletome review on Playin and Slayin.  Brendan walks us through the new Seraphon book to help us plan our Charity Army list.  

Before that, Josh, Troy, and Ty cover the normal banter of what we’ve been playing, building, buying, reading, watching, and drinking.  Enjoy

You can find it here or wherever you get your podcasts.  There is also a video version on YouTube if you want to see our smiling faces.

0:00:00 Intro
0:02:20 What we’re drinking
0:04:45 What we’ve been playing
0:16:08 What we’ve been hobbying
0:24:15 Crowdfunding/Kickstarter
0:38:38 BoD Book Club Announcement
0:40:26 BoD Library – what we are reading, listening, and watching
1:01:20 Brendan’s Seraphon Battletomb Review
2:42:15 Events and show close