Project Hex: The Bestagon Gaming Accessories – The Goonhammer Review

This is not a sponsored review, I bought the items in this review fair and square. Hands off – they’re mine! That being said, Project Hex is a friend of Goonhammer, and we’re wishing Cameron the best on his Kickstarter.

Are you tired of out-of-control dice – ricocheting off the table, knocking your opponent’s models off the table (SRM, I’m looking at you)? Are you tired of the ziplock shame-bag for your polyhedrals? Are you fed up with your Commander deck box being thrown across the room and not embedding itself in the drywall? Worry no more, as Project Hex has got you covered with some exceptionally cool hardwood gaming accessories.

A Bit of Petty Larceny

“But the Kickstarter just launched,” you might ask, “how did you get your hands on early copies if this isn’t a sponsored review?” Wow, that’s kind of personal, but I’ll indulge you. Project Hex’s creator, Cameron, is a friend of mine that does some fantastic woodworking. When he told me about launching this Kickstarter and showed me an early preview, I threw money in his face to distract him as I stole a full set.

Hex Vault, Tray, and Tower from Project Hex
Hex Vault, Tray, and Tower from Project Hex. Credit: Pendulin

Joke’s on him – that money is only valid when exchanged for goods and services, but this dice tray is valid to exchange a 9″ deep strike for a boxcar charge that steals an objective and wins a game.

My set’s in Bolivian Rosewood which, if you aren’t an expert on hardwoods like myself, it’s both Bolivian and named “Rosewood”. There are other details as well, too nuanced and elaborate for me to elaborate on, so instead I’ll just refer to Project Hex:

Bolivian Rosewood
One of my personal favorite woods with a beautiful dark color, easy to work, sand and finish. With its stable, tight grain and high oil content it allows for a very smooth satin feel once finished.

– Project Hex

Couldn’t have said it better myself. As an expert wood-man, I find the (umm) wood parts to be very (uhh) wood. Moral of the story: stick with what you know. I know how to barely form coherent sentences, and Project Hex knows woodworking. My ignorance aside, these things are smooth as silk and have that solid feel of something that you know will last for ages.

Project Hex - Hex Tower
Hex Tower and Tray. Credit: Project Hex

Project Hex is available in six different hardwoods, with another six that unlock after a campaign stretch goal. I’ve already got a full set of Project Hex, and I’m legit considering ordering another. I don’t even know what Leopardwood is, but I bet it’s the cat’s pajamas.

Bolivian Rosewood, Zebrawood, Purpleheart, and Padauk
Bolivian Rosewood, Zebrawood, Purpleheart, and Padauk. Credit: Project Hex

MTG and 40k – Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together

If you’re anything like me, then the recent Warhammer 40k Commander decks caught your attention. And if you’re even more like me, then they also caught your paycheck – I bought the full set. For a bill so hefty, I’m looking for an equally hefty deck box. And the Hex Deck box is the very definition of heft.

Hex Deck from Project Hex
Hex Deck from Project Hex. Credit: Pendulin

I’ve got my decks sleeved with KMC Perfect Hards, and this box fits the entire 100 card deck, tokens and all. It’s also got room for a pair of D20s (or Goonhammer dice, if you’re brave enough) for tracking life. And if worse comes to worse, these have enough weight to act as a bludgeoning instrument – crucially important if you need to enact some unwritten-rules-justice when someone drops an Oko.

Something else to point out is that these magnets are strong. Strong as in “you drank a glass of water without looking, but it was actually a glass of orange juice” levels of strong. You know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, then you will as soon as you pick one of these up.

Hex Vault with Kill Team
Hex Vault with Kill Team. Credit: Project Hex

Even if you don’t play Magic, this is a really cool container. Kill Team? Toss some tokens and barricades in there. Board Games? Use them as bit holders. Regrets? I’ve had a few, but then again, I don’t regret buying this Hex Deck.

Polyhedral? I hardly know her!

D&D players get weird with dice. Don’t pretend like you don’t. We both know you have a favorite D20 – the one you save for a special occasion. When your party’s life is on the line, and all hope is lost, imagine the collective awe as you solemnly slide your Hex Vault out from behind glass, opening it to reveal the fated lucky dice. The table holds its breath and all eyes follow your dice as they tumble and slowly come to a stop. You had advantage and rolled two naturals 1s. Your character yeets themselves off a cliff and it’s a total party wipe.


Hex Vault from Project Hex
Hex Vault from Project Hex. Credit: Pendulin

You might notice here that the magnets on the Hex Vault are different on each side – one is protruding and one is indented. This is so the two halves fit together in a kind of asymmetrical tongue and groove. I’m almost positive I’m using the wrong joinery term, but you get the idea.

They’re incredibly secure when snapped together, but it does mean the top only fits on the bottom in a single orientation – you can’t rotate the top 180 degrees and have it still fit. Cameron mentioned this was something he could change up during production. So if you’ve got opinions on this, go ahead and comment on his Kickstarter.

A Call to Hexagonal Action

I’ll go for quality over quantity every time. If I can get my hands on something that I know will last me for the rest of my life, I’m sold. And that’s the feeling I get when I hold these gaming accessories. They’ll last for ages, and look good the entire time.

Hex Vault and Hex Tray from Project Hex
Hex Vault and Hex Tray from Project Hex. Credit: Pendulin

If you’re interested in top-shelf woodworking, rolling dice, or supporting a friend of Goonhammer, then check out Project Hex’s Kickstarter.

This article was not sponsored in any way. Project Hex is a good friend of Goonhammer, though, but that doesn’t sway my opinion that this stuff is both Real Cool and Well Made.