REMINDER: ONE WEEK LEFT to Enter the Goonhammer Painting Competition!

Hi everyone, we wanted to remind you that you have just one week left to submit your models to the Goonhammer First Annual Painting Competition: Lockdown Edition, which includes some wonderful prizes from the great folks at The Army Painter.

The deadline is July 31st, and while it may seem like you’ve still plenty of got time, great models take a long time to paint and time moves differently in the strange Hellworld of 2020. So wrap those details up, painstakingly dot those eyes, paint those base rims, and send in those models! Submit your model photos with the category you’re entering it into by emailing it to

To answer our most common questions:

  • Yes, you can enter multiple categories! but please send a separate email for each one.
  • You can send us multiple entries per category if you want.
  • You can send us multiple photos of your models, especially if you have something complex that needs multiples.
  • If you have a newer, better photo of the model you submitted, you can send us a new photo.
  • We didn’t think about this when we started, but you can submit Historicals minis to the Open and the Fantasy categories. We’ll do a separate category for them next year.

For official contest rules and information, check out our Official Rules and Information Post.

We can’t wait to see your amazing entry!