Review Roundup – Imperial Fists, Salamanders and Aeldari

It’s been a wild few weeks in the GW release world, with a whole bunch of new books and models coming out, but Goonhammer is here to help you navigate all the cool new options and sort the treasures out from the trash.

Today sees the release of the Imperial Fists and Salamanders Codex supplements, which we covered last weekend.

If you’re a brave defender of humanity, or just want to know how many mortal wounds one Aggressor can throw out, check out Artum and TheChirurgeon’s review of the Salamanders book:

Codex Supplement: Salamanders – The Goonhammer Review

Alternatively, if you really want revenge on all those Iron Hands vehicle spam lists, or are simply wondering why Tor Garadon doesn’t just eat all the other Space Marines, check out Booley and Corrode’s look at the Imperial (and Crimson) Fists:

Codex Supplement: Imperial Fists – The Goonhammer Review


This week also (finally) sees the release of the plastic Infiltrator/Incursor kit and (probably more excitingly) the Impulsor. You can check back in on our review of the “core” Space Marine Codex to find out what we thought of them:

Codex Space Marines – The Goonhammer Review – Part 2 (Units)

Maybe your loyalties don’t lie with Marines however, and unlike me you haven’t spent the day betraying the Aeldari cause by painting Intercessors. In that case, you might want to check out our reviews of Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising put together by Boon, Corrode and myself:

Third Time’s a Charm? – Psychic Awakening Phoenix Rising Review Part 2: The Ynnari

Lots to Obsess Over – Psychic Awakening Phoenix Rising Review Part 3: Drukhari

Crafting for the Future – Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising Review Part 4 – Asuryani

If your army didn’t get the goods this time around don’t worry – it sounds like the second Psychic Awakening book will be with us soon, and there’s a good chance we’ll find out more at the Blood and Glory studio preview next weekend (which Artum and I will be at, come say hi!). When it lands, make sure you come back to Goonhammer for all the best analysis and hot takes!

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