Ruleshammer Returns!

After a well-earned break following the initial tour through the 9th Edition rulebook, this week Ruleshammer is back, as Rob “Vrekais” Chilton brings you the first two of a new series of articles. With this series, Rob will be creating enduring reference pieces focusing on different sub-sections of the game, breaking down in detail how they work and highlighting any oddities or outstanding questions in the rules.

You can check out this week’s pieces below:

As Games Workshop issue new FAQs or future books are released these are going to be updated, so they’ll act as an up-to-date resource for your games.

In addition to this, tomorrow Ruleshammer will be bringing a mailbag article looking at some reader questions. This will be a semi-regular feature, so if you have a rules question send it in via the Ruleshammer Form or jump on to r/ruleshammer to discuss the articles.