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Warhammer 40,000

9th Edition Rules Breakdowns

Core Rules

Building Armies – Terrain Guide – Dice, Re-rolls & Modifying Characteristics – Engagement Range – ActionsAura’s and Fast Rolling

Movement Phase

Aircraft¹ – Types of Move – Transports¹

Shooting Phase

Look Out SirBig Guns Never Tire

Charge Phase

Charging and Heroic Intervention

Fight Phase

Coming soon

Morale Phase

Coming soon

Ruleshammer 9th Edition Faction Q&As

Chaos: Death Guard
Xenos: Necrons – Drukhari
Astartes: Space Marines – Blood Angels – Dark Angels –  Death Watch – Space Wolves

¹ Articles due updates

8th to 9th Edition Change Breakdowns

These articles summarise 9th edition rules primarily by looking at how the rules have changed from 8th edition. Keep in mind that these won’t be updated with FAQs but they will transition to full rule breakdowns as the edition gets more established.

How have the Core Concepts of 40k Changed in 9th edition?

MovementThe Shooting & Psychic Phases – Charge and Fight – Morale and Core StratagemsMissions and Reserves

Ruleshammer Q&A Archive

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Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

The Mortal Realms have their share of quandaries and sometimes we step in to address those.

What the FAQ? Understanding the Bastiladon’s save

Age of Sigmar Rules Concepts

How Mightier Makes Rightier Works (or Doesn’t)

Other Games

From time to time we cover other games as well.

Ruleshammer: Monopoly