Soggy’s Road to NoVA, Part 2: Following through

Motivation is hard

My 1250 army from last month

The weekend after my last post I took my GSC army to their first event (and my third) at my local club. It was a blast and I had great fun, discovering just how much a unit of 10 Abberants can do on the charge. This should have motivated me to keep up the pace I was keeping to get ready for this event, but instead I was burnt out from painting. Now six weeks, and a Total Warhammer campaign later, I’m still miles away from getting ready.

For NoVA as I wanted to make the most of going to a big event I signed up for two events as I am an idiot. I’m going to make some goals on what I will get ready by my next post.

Adeptus Titanicus

I never finish anyth

AT is a game I would love to play more often. Due to changing circumstances, I don’t have people to play with at the moment, which sucks and has left me ignoring my Legio for far too long. I think my biggest issue is due to not seeing it on the table the only models I see are the amazing ones online and this is super disheartening.

Luckily, I’ve learned to embrace my mediocrity and just go for it. In the past few weeks I picked up a cheap airbrush/compressor and used it to helm me along. I’ve put the base colours in on most of my models, they now require more trim, a pin wash and basing.  By my next post I hope to have the them based, at which point I better start thinking about what lists to take

40K Narrative

The only 40K thing I’ve painted in the last month, still missing riders and other bits

The Narrative was the reason for going to NoVA after listening to feedback on the 40K Badcast. I need to get a 2K force figured  out, at the moment I’ve got about 1500 points of painted models. The one thing I want to figure out by my next post is if I want to dip into Tyranids and take 50 Genestealers in a Kraken detachment. These are yet to be assembled/painted or played with, so why not add more plastic to the pile. I think it would be kind of awesome to have an ascension day army.

On the next episode

I go overseas on holiday tomorrow, bringing NoVA ever closer. Let’s see where I’m at in three weeks.