Soggy’s Road to NoVA, Part 3: Shuffling deckchairs

Hi friendos, in this series we’ve been tracking our progress towards the NoVA open which is now less than six weeks away.
You can check out everyone’s (much better progress) on the main post here.

This time of year is always dangerous for hobby progress, with lots of time going towards making the most of the weather and going on holiday.
That said, I’ve mostly kept to the goals I set in my last post 4 weeks ago for the two different events I’m entering – the 40K NoVA narrative, and the Adeptus Titanticus Princeps formal

Adeptus Titanticus

Slow progress
Mostly ‘armless

In the last post, I committed to getting my force based and getting some lists ready. I managed to get some basing started, however I still have Epic models to put on the bases. I really need to have some more games to get a feel for the system, although for reasons discussed later this seems unlikely. Below is a rough idea I’ve been thinking about – using the Dauntless Legio trait to substitute the Reaver with a Warlord in a Venator maniple.

Heavy Venator Maniple (1490 Points) - Click to expand

Venator Maniple with a Warlord substituting the mandatory Reaver
Legio: Dauntless
Warlord Titan with Apocalypse missile launchers, Belicosa and Sunfury Plasma Annihilator
Warhound Plasma Blast Gun and Vulcan Megabolter
Warhound Plasma Blast Gun and Vulcan Megabolter
Warhound Plasma Blast Gun and Vulcan Megabolter

Cerastus Knight Maniple
4x Cerastus Lancers

For the next post I’d like to get my new fatboi knights assembled, commit to a Knight paint scheme and get some work done on my Lancers.

Genestealer Cult
Since starting this army back in January, I always liked the idea of having an Ascension Day army with loads of Genestealers led by a Patriarch. In my last post, I wanted to make some progress towards this in terms of both models and coming up with a rough 2000 point list to field.

Ascension Day (2,000~ Points) - Click to expand

Genestealer Cult Battalion, 790 points (+5 CP)
Cult creed: Bladed Cog
HQ: Patriarch with Familiar
HQ: Magus with Familiar
HQ: Primus
Troops: 7 Acolyte Hybrids
Troops: 7 Acolyte Hybrids
Troops: 6 Acolyte Hybrids
Elite: Abberants 10 including 2 Hypermorphs
Elite: Clamavus
Elite: Sanctus

Tyranid Battalion Detachment, 745 points (+5 CP)
Hive Fleet: Kraken
HQ: Broodlord
HQ: Neurothrope
Troops: 15 Genestealers
Troops: 15 Genestealers
Troops: 15 Genestealers

Spearhead Detachment, 461 points (+1 CP)
Regiment: Brood Brothers
HQ: Executioner Tank Commander with Plasma sponson
HQ: Punisher Tank Commander
Heavy Support: 3 Mortar teams
Heavy Support: 3 Mortar teams
Heavy Support: 3 Mortar teams

Some musings on the list

  • I’m not 100% settled on the cult, although I’m a big fan of the Bladed Cog
  • I love my Aberrants, and tempted to take a second unit, but not sure I want to drop the Patriarch.
  • Three Tank Commanders do some solid work and provide some reliable shooting to try and make some gaps for my forces to come in
  • Genestealer Purestrains are loads more expensive to take natively in GSC, so I’ve opted to take them as Tyranid Genestealers
    • The Kraken trait of being able to pull off turn one charges seems pretty funny
    • I’m hoping having the threat of a turn one charge along with all the deepstriking will give my opponent lots to worry about

Thirty slashy bois

At the time I wrote my last post, I didn’t have any of those Tyranid models painted or assembled. Fortunately, Contrast paints had just come out and these models are perfect for speed painting. I was able to pain up the pictured 32 models in a fortnight, which is pretty awesome.

Decent progress for 45 minutes

Will revisit later but quick and dirty will do for now

Next steps

I need to paint up another 15 Genestealers to finish off the battalion of Tyranids and work on the AT Knights. I would have worked on these over the next fortnight, except I’ve committed last minute to go to Corrode’s 40K tournament in two weeks.

It seemed like a good idea at the time to get more experience with my GSC, play against some different armies and meet some goons… but I’m not a very competitive player and playing my first or second game of a new faction with my Tyranid detachment at a tournament seems like a bad idea. This means I’ll have to focus on rush painting other models the next fortnight, some of which I probably won’t use at NoVA.


It really doesn’t help that I’ve been introduced to Warframe by some of the goons and have somehow lost 25+ hours to it over the past two weeks…