Some Cool Runners-Up Entries in the Painting Contest

Our first annual painting contest may be over – congrats to our winners! – but we’ve still got one more post in us. We got dozens of entries and our judges had a hell of a time narrowing them down to just the top eight. So today we’re going to talk about a few that didn’t make the cut that we still really liked. These all got votes from at least one judge, and they’re all extremely rad.

Jadebullet’s Drycha (Best Fantasy Single)

Credit: Jadebullet


Hrudian Miniatures’ Death Guard Biologus (Best Sci-fi Single)

Credit: Hrudian Miniatures Insta:


Paul Mclachlan’s Horus Hersy Ahriman (Sci-fi Single Mini)

Paul submitted in almost every category and won awards in two of them. His Ahriman very narrowly missed the top 8 on sci-fi single.

Credit: Paul Mclachlan


Ian Doughty’s Ser Clegane

The Mountain’s Men made our top 8 in best fantasy squad, but Ian also submitted for best fantasy single mini with this beefy lad.

Credit: Ian Doughty


Tom Alexander’s Ghazghkull (Sci-fi Single mini)

I absolutely adore the 2nd edition style banner on this guy.

Credit: Tom Alexander


Alec Small’s Warlord Titan (Sci-fi single mini)

Condit was basically screaming at us for two weeks for not voting this into our top 8. Those Warlord Wednesdays guys are passionate about titans.

Credit: Alec Small


Craig Valvano’s Rogue Idol (fantasy single mini)

Credit: Craig Valvano


Jeremy Paul’s Screaming Bell (fantasy single mini)

Credit: Jeremy Paul


Willem Cluness’ Wraithlord Diorama (Open Category)

Credit; Willem Cluness


Tyler Russo’s Ork Wartrukk (sci-fi single mini)

Credit: Tyler Russo


Alchemist Painting’s Spider-Man (sci-fi single mini)

FINALLY. Some pictures of Spider-Man. He’s a menace, you know.

Credit: Alchemist Painting


Ahmad Ibrahim Villasenor’s Veterans Squad (Sci-fi Squad)

Credit: Ahmad Ibrahim Villasenor


Liam Howell’s Salamanders Captain

This is the best power sword I have ever seen.

Credit: Liam Howell


Ian Doughty’s World Eaters Terminators (Sci-fi squad)

Ian also submitted this wonderful squad.

Credit: Ian Doughty


Lots of Aggressors

Lots of people submitted some incredibly rad aggressors.

Credit: Steadman

Credit: Alex Willoughby

Credit: Jose Tejedor

Credit: Jake Horton


That wraps up our look at runners-up. We may do another set in a few days or so. Til then, if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at