Song of Ice and Fire: House Lannister Updated

It’s been a year since I wrote my introduction to House Lannister and a lot has changed for the faction and my skill as a player in that time. The release of Lannister Heroes 3 is the milestone for the faction’s final form. As such, the Introduction to House Lannister has been updated – you can read it here.

Song of Ice and Fire: House Lannister

A year on, Song of Ice and Fire continues to be my favourite tabletop wargame by a significant margin. There’s enough flexibility and interesting tradeoffs in listbuilding that it can occupy my thoughts, different factions feel extremely different on the table, new releases come steadily (although product is hard to find right now due to covid) and the actual moment to moment decision making is compelling. There’s never been a better time to play this game.

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