Space Wolves Codex Supplement FAQ: The Goonhammer Hot Take

Games Workshop silently dropped a few major FAQs today, with big changes for Deathwatch, Space Wolves, and Imperial Armour: Compendium. As always, we’ve got a list of the important changes and how they affect your games.

Two down, one to go and the update to Codex Supplement: Space Wolves is by far the lightest of the three, addressing very little and being more notable for what it doesn’t address than what it does. First let’s start with the changes:

  • Wolf Guard Battle Leaders in Terminator Armour and on Thunderwolves gained the Company Heroes rule. You can now double up on Lieutenants in a detachment with these, adding a second for each without taking up another HQ slot. This was notably missing before, where the Space Wolf equivalent of Lieutenants weren’t units you could buy as a pair in a single HQ slot. Note that you’re still limited to two Lieutenants per detachment by the Company Command rule.
  • Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leaders in Blood Claw, Grey Hunters, and Long Fangs squads have a 5+ invulnerable save. Something that was missing but probably overlooked by most players, the rules now formally return the Terminator Armour’s famous Crux Terminatus save to pack leaders.
  • Saga of the Beastslayer had its wording cleaned up.

What’s not here

There are a few notable omissions from this, namely, we’re still waiting on answers to the following:

  • How does the Savage Fury rule interact with rules that change the active doctrine for a unit? Unlike other doctrine abilities, the Savage Fury rule explicitly requires your army be in the Assault Doctrine for it to take effect, meaning that unlike many of the other chapter doctrines, Savage Fury doesn’t become active for units that use something like Adaptive Strategy to activate the Assault Doctrine for themselves for a turn. This stinks!
  • How does the Deed Worthy of a Saga Stratagem interact with characters who have a specified Warlord Trait, or with characters who can’t have a Warlord Trait such as Lukas the Trickster? As written, Saga abilities aren’t Warlord Traits and so this seems like a fine and intended interaction, but it’s something we’ve seen questions around recently and so it would just be good to clear things up.

Welp, that’s it. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at