Start Competing: Chaos Space Marines (and all the legions) Updated!

A lot has changed recently with Chaos Space Marines. Most notably, the November 2021 Balance Dataslate changed Death to the False Emperor to apply to every enemy faction, not just IMPERIUM units, significantly improving the faction’s melee capabilities. Additionally, the meta has changed dramatically since we last updated our Chaos Space Marine tactics articles over the summer. In light of that, we felt it was time to go back and update those articles to reflect the new rules and successful lists. We’ve updated each of the articles linked in our original series, adjusting our recommendations and adding new lists from recent events, as well as thoughts on adapting them to the new DttFE rule.

Be sure to check out the new page and all of the legion pages, plus Renegade Chapters and Creations of Bile.

Start Competing: Chaos Space Marines Tactics