Start Competing: Chaos Space Marines Updated!

Our Patrons voted for our next Start Competing update, and they… chose to punish me by choosing Chaos Space Marines, so here it is! Our updated tactics article talks about where things stand for the faction in 9th edition but we weren’t content to leave it at that. We’ve chosen to break the article into a full series, looking at each of the traitor legions in a separate article, plus renegade chapters and Creations of Bile. So check back today for Start Competing: Emperor’s Children Tactics and check back every day over the next week as we push out those articles, talking about strategies and lists for every major subfaction of the Chaos Space Marines. Whether you’re into Iron Warriors or a Word Bearers, a devotee of Khorne or a Midnight-clad agnostic, we’ll have something for you.

Start Competing: Chaos Space Marines Tactics