Start Competing: Idoneth Deepkin

Welcome, oh King of the Seas, to Start Competing: Idoneth Deepkin! Have you ever thought that fantasy elves were too dry? Did you feel that they were strongly lacking in Octopuses? Have you ever wanted to wave your eel in your opponents face? If so, then the Idoneth Deepkin may be the army for you! 

Silks Deepkin Army
Credit: Silks

Faction Overview

The Idoneth Deepkin were once of the last armies to be released for Age of Sigmar’s first edition and were clearly written with the new rules in mind. However, they are now quite an old book and have been overtaken in power quite a bit. Luckily for them they have one ridiculously undercosted / overpowered unit that keeps them relevant. Sorry, you’re probably going to have to spam Eels if you want to do well.


  • Low model count. You could play a lot of models, but you’re probably going to be below 30 models for a 2000 point list
  • Unique mechanics. Getting different buffs every turn of the game makes forward planning pay off
  • Absolutely Gorgeous Models. The entire model range is brand new and shows it
  • Versatile. You can interact with all of the phases of the game.
  • Octopuses


  • You may become “That Guy.” Eels have a bad reputation for being “push forwards and win”
  • Limited range of models. They’re very cool, but your choices are very limited.
  • Low model count. Both a good thing and a bad thing, the less models you have the more you need to make them count.
  • Good model, poor rules. There are some gorgeous models in this army. They will look great as they gather dust on your shelves.

Competitive Rating


For a while, Idoneth were one of the best armies in the game at the tourney scene. The release of 2nd edition and their gradual falling behind due to an outdated tome has hampered their success somewhat but they can still show up on the scoreboard. You’re basically locked to one list at the competitive level, if you play Eels the Deepkin can still win a tournament. If you don’t this probably limits your chances of getting on the podium. 


Special Rules

Silks Leviadon attacking
Credit: Silks

Forgotten Nightmares

Your units can only be targeted by missile weapons if they are the closest model to the unit shooting. A great rule which people always forget. If you’re coming from 40k this may seem really overpowered, but the quantity of shooting in AoS tends to be a lot lower so its impact is a bit smaller.

Tides of Death

Each round this changes, following the table (if your game goes to turn 5 you start at the beginning again.

  • Low Tide: All your units count as being in cover. This is nice for the first turn to further protect against shooting
  • Flood Tide: You can shoot or charge (choose one) after running. Nice for getting off a turn 2 charge, but in reality you’ll probably be in range anyway by then. Still, lets you be cagey on your first turn.
  • High Tide: Your units fight at the start of the combat phase rather than the normal series of activations. This is the money maker and tends to be what Deepkin are built about. Puts them one up in the “activation wars” where armies are built around fighting first and allows for a fairly devastating turn where not only do your charges always fight before your opponent, but this also works in their turn meaning they have to be careful about being in combat with you at all. 
  • Ebb Tide: Like flood tide but works after falling back rather than running. Quite powerful since you can lock yourself in combat, fall back and charge back in.

There are ways to change this order, which we will get into later. As a side note, it was clarified by GW that in an Idoneth mirror match, whichever player’s turn it is takes priority. This is particularly important during High Tide.



Deepkin have one of the first sets of “sub factions” introduced so they’re not as fully fleshed out as later books. They tend to affect your battalions which can be interesting. You have a choice of 6


Restrictions: Your command trait must be “Emissary of the Deep Places” – an enclave specific ability which lets your allies use Tides of Death. This opens up a lot of interesting opportunities for models outside of the faction getting to fight before they can be hit back and charge out of combat.

Enclave rule: +1 to cast and Unbind. A good rule if you’re loading up on wizards.

Battalion Changes: Royal Council is changed to having up to 2 Soulscryers and Tidecasters. Probably not something you’ll ever use

Rating: B not bad and could be interesting with the right combination of allies but the enforced command trait is quite restrictive.


Restrictions: None, hurrah

Enclave rule: Reroll 1s to hit when charging. Sure, you can get this in other ways but a blanket rule is pretty powerful. You also get to reroll wounds against monsters with Akhelians.

Battalion Changes: Akhelian Corps can have two more Akhelian Guards. If you’re playing Eels but want a battalion then this is the choice for you.

Rating: A+ The choice for Eels. And eels are good yo


Restrictions: None

Enclave rule: Reroll 1s to Wound with mounts, reroll 1st to hit in Flood Tide and replace Ebb tide with Flood Tide again, making you super mobile

Battalion Changes: Your super battalion that can’t be used in matched play can take more eels. 

Rating: B- An interesting choice that can really change how the game flows.


Restrictions: Tidecasters don’t get access to normal spells and instead get 

  • Freezing Mists: Casting Value 6, pick an enemy unit with 12” and stop them from piling in more than 1” until your next hero phase. 

Enclave rule: Add 3 to the models returned by your Soulrenders which really improves their ability.

Battalion Changes: You can have up to 6 units of Reavers in Namarti Corps. Not that you’d want to

Rating: C The increased recursion sounds nice but it’s probably not strong enough to build a list around. 


Restrictions: Tidecasters don’t get access to normal spells and instead get 

  • Protective Barrier: Casting Value 4, pick a friendly unit within 4 and lower the rend of any attacks that target them by 1 until your next hero phase. 

Enclave rule: Reroll all failed hits in the combat phase if your target made a charge that turn.

Battalion Changes: You get two extra Leviadons in Akhelian Corps. Again, not that you’d want to

Rating: B- Protective Barrier is nice and rerolling hits when you’ve been charged is great if you manage to get it in High Tide


Restrictions: None

Enclave rule: Your soulscryers get to take an extra unit with them on their magical mystery tour to appear on the enemy’s flanks. Your units count as flying when moving over terrain. Of course your eels already fly…

Battalion Changes: You can have up to 6 units of Reavers in Namarti Corps. Not that you’d want to

Rating: C The only thing you really gain is extra flanking

Silks Deepkin Army Closeup
Credit: Silks


Split into generic artefacts that any hero can take, Isharann Artefacts that any Isharann hero can take, Akhelian Artefacts that Akhleian heroes can take and Arcane Artefacts for spell casters. There really aren’t many great choices though

Idoneth Artefacts 

  • Rune of the Surging Tide: Once per battle you can either increase your army’s movement by 1” or decrease your enemy’s move by 1”. If the number was higher this would be good. D
  • Black Pearl: 6+ Feel no Pain, not too bad but not exactly reliable C
  • Lilandra’s Last Lament: Once per game a unit can skip battleshock. Could be interesting if you’re planning running a huge unit C
  • Terrornight Venom: Reroll wound rolls of 1 and gives a permanent reduction in bravery of 1. Really good, except you don’t have too many options for who to put it on B
  • Cloud of Midnight: Once per game at the start of a phase you can activate the cloud stopping the bearer from being targeted with attacks, spells or abilities for the rest of the phase. Amazing, especially when combined with your Forgotten Nightmares ability A+
  • Whorlshell: Once per game try to beat a hero within 9” bravery with 2D6. If you succeed they get a permanent -1 to hit. Skippety skip D

Azkhelian Artefacts 

  • Sanguine Pearl: 5+ Feel No Pain in melee. Probably better than the Black Pearl overall. C+
  • Potion of Hateful Frenzy: Once per game you can get +1 to hit and +1 to wound for a round but take a mortal wound next hero phase. Considering you know when High Tide is coming this can help choose when to use it B
  • Ankusha Spear: +3” movement and reroll wounds of 1 for your mount. If you’re building a fast and hard hitting list this isn’t a bad choice B
  • Armour of the Cythai: Bearer is -1 to hit. Simple but fairly effective B
  • Bioshock Shell: Once per game dish out D3 mortal wounds in the combat phase to each enemy within 3”. Getting your expensive hero to within 3” of multiple units and hoping you roll well isn’t really a tactic you want to be using D
  • Abyssal Blade: +1 rend on the weapon plus extra damage on Slaneesh. Even with Slaneesh being popular it’s still not worth it D

Isharann Artefacts 

  • Steelshell Pearl: 5+ Feel No Pain against ranged. Unless you’re planning on your hero being the closest model to the enemy it’s quite pointless thanks to Forgotten Nightmares D
  • Mind Flare: Once per game make an enemy within 3” hit at -1. If this was every turn it would be worth it, but it’s not so it’s not D
  • Dritchleech: All non Idoneth wizards are -1 to cast within 18”. Pretty nice, plus it’s one of the coolest named artefacts in the game B
  • Auric Lantern: Gets rid of cover on a unit in the shooting phase. Would be ok if we had decent shooting D
  • Disharmony Stones: Once per game pick two enemy heroes within 12” and your opponent chooses for them to take one of the effects below. Chances are fairly high this will achieve nothing D
    • Roll a dice for each hero, on a 3+ they take a mortal wound
    • Roll a dice for each hero, on a 5+ they take D3 mortal wounds
    • Each hero takes D3 mortal wounds and then on a 4+ the bearer of this artefact takes D3 mortal wounds
  • Brain Barnacles: Once per game pick an enemy hero within 12” at the start of your hero phase and roll 2D6. If the roll is equal or greater than the distance to the model they get -1 to hit and cast spells. It’s fun and not totally useless but requires you start your turn within 12” of an enemy hero which isn’t guaranteed C

Arcane Artefacts 

  • Arcane Pearl: 5+ Mortal Wound save. The best of all the pearls A
  • Sands of Infinity: Once per game you can make a spell last for two rounds rather than one. You have to use it before you roll to cast though, so if it’s disbound or you simply fail the roll it’s wasted B-
  • Coral Ring: Once per game reroll one cast and on dispell. Always good to have A-
  • Bauble of Buoyancy: Let’s the bearer fly and doubles your run. If you’ve got eels racing ahead of you this probably isn’t a bad pick A
  • Kraken Tooth: Once per game, in your shooting phase pick an enemy within 12” and roll a dice. On a 1 you take D3 mortal wounds, 2-5 the enemy takes D3 mortal wounds and on a 6 you can either slay one model in the unit with less than 10 wounds or if they have more than 10 wounds deal 2d6 mortal wounds. Of all of the random mortal wound abilities this is the best B+
  • Augary Shells: Once per game at the start of your hero phase roll 2D6. You can keep this to use either as your roll to cast a spell (if you roll well) or your opponent’s roll to disbind your spell (if you roll poorly). Almost guarantees you get a spell off which can be really handy A

Command Traits

  • Merciless Raider: Reroll run and charge. Never a bad option A
  • Hunter of Souls: Reroll 1s to wound. Again, never bad A
  • Unstoppable Fury: During High Tide get +2 extra attacks. Makes our best phase even better A+
  • Born from Agony: +2 wounds. Not bad, but not as exciting as some other choices B
  • Nightmare Legacy: -1 Bravery bubble within 12”. Pass D 
  • Lord of Storm and Sea: +2 bravery to your units wholly within 12”. If that’s two models saved from fleeing you’ll be grateful A

Lore of the Deep

Silks Aspect of the Sea attacking
Credit: Silks

  • Steed of Tides: Casting Value 5, pick a friendly, non monster hero within 12” and teleport them up to 24” away and outside 9” of enemies. This counts as their movement. Not bad for grabbing objectives or getting out of (or into) sticky situations B
  • Abyssal Darkness: Casting Value 5, gives you a 9” bubble that grants anything wholly within cover. Considering you get this for free on your first turn it’s not great C
  • Vorpal Maelstrom: Casting Value 6, pick a point on the board within 18” and roll a dice for each enemy within 3”, if it’s less than or equal to the number of models they take D3 wounds. Nice for setting off next to big clumps of units B
  • Pressure of the Deeps: Casting Value 7, pick an enemy within 12” and roll a dice, if you get higher than their wounds they die. A great tool for assasinating Bonereaper Hekatos or other specific models in a unit A  
  • Tide of Fear: Casting Value 6, pick an enemy within 12” and it’s -1 to hit and bravery. Not bad, especially combined with other ways of reducing to hit B+
  • Arcane Corrasion: Casting Value 6, measure to the closest enemy, it it’s within 12” do a mortal wound, 13-24” 3 mortal wounds and 37-48” 4 mortal wounds. Excellent for a backline spell caster and if you can roll a 6 or more you’re doing a 4 mortal wounds on turn 1, which can’t be unbound. Try to set your wizard up so they’re closest to a particular model you want to hurt A+

Isharann Rituals

You can attempt to perform one ritual a turn at the start of your hero phase with an Isharann hero that is outside of 9” from any enemies. You need to hit a 10+ on 2D6 which is pretty hard, but you get +1 if you’re next to a Gloomtide Shipwreck, +1 if you’re a Soulscrier and +1 for all other Isharann non Soulscrier’s within 3” and +2 for all other Soulscrier’s within 3”. Realistically you’ll just fish for an 10+ (or 9+ near a shipwreck)

  • Ritual of Erosion: No cover bonuses for your enemy until your next hero phase. Great if you have an enemy which is going to take advantage of it 
  • Ritual of Rowsing: Heal all of your Eidolon’s one wound and they get to reroll all failed hits or casting rolls for the rest of the turn. Brilliant if you have Eidolons
  • Ritual of Tempest: Enemies can’t fly. Situationally good



  • Royal Council1 Azkhelian King, a Tidecaster and a Soulscryer, If the king is the general he gets a new command ability allowing him to add 3” to the move of 3 units within 12” as long as the other two characters are within 3” of him. It’s using models you might actually want and it’s the cheapest battalion if you’re just after the extra Command Point or Relic but the bonus isn’t great C
  • Akhelian Corps1 Akhelian Leviadon, 2-4 units of Akhelian Guard, 1-2 units of Akhelian Allopexes, you can reroll a hit, wound, save, run or charge for one unit within 12” of the Leviadon once per phase. The Leviadon and Allopexes aren’t really very good but the bonus is good and we all love Eels C
  • Namarti Corps – 1 Soulrender, 2-6 units of Namarti Thralls, 2-4 units of Namarti Reavers – The Soulrender can restore 3 models with Lurelight rather than the normal 1. Probably the best of the lot if you’re planning on going Thrall heavy but still not great B
  • Alliance of Wood and Sea 1 Tidecaster, 2 units of Akhelian Guard, 1 unit of Akhelian Allopexes, 1 unit of Namarti Thralls, 1 unit of Namarti Reavers, a Sylvaneth Branchwych, 2 units of Dryads and a Treelord Ancient – You get the Ionrach ability to allow allies (in this battalion) to benefit from Tides of Death. It’s a *lot* of points and you’re probably better off just taking the Sylvaneth you want as allies in Ionrach if you want to do this D
  • PhalanxMega Battalion, not usable in Matched Play

With the lack of compelling relic choices and no real stand out Battalions it’s often better to skip these, sadly.



Volturnus, High King of the Deep – Azkhelian

Silks Volturnus
Credit: Silks

A named character Akhelian King. He has a D3 damage rend 1 sword with 5 attacks plus his mount having 3 damage 1 attacks and 3 damage 2 attacks, all hitting and wounding on 3+ so he’s not too shabby in combat, plus his sword goes to rend 5 (yes, 5!) on a wound roll of a 6 which isn’t enough to count on but is awesome when it happens. He also gets to blow his horn when he charges, causing D3 mortals to the closest enemy unit on a 2+.

He is fairly survivable on 8 wounds with a 3+ save and bouncing enemy spells on a 3+ but won’t last long against dedicated combat monsters.

Where he really shines is his auras. He grants +1 Bravery to all Deepkin within 18” and rerolling hits of 1 for Azkhelians within 18”, which makes him a great accompaniment for Eels. 

His command ability is

  • Supreme Lord of the Tides: If he is your general and High Tide is currently in effect up to 3 friendly units within 18” get +1 attack until your next hero phase, meaning your High Tide is even deadlier

He is a very popular choice for a general in an Eel based list

Akhelian King – Azkhelian

Your budget version of Volturnos, with slightly fewer attacks and a choice of weapons (the Bladed Polearm is probably the best, giving you access to a 2 Rend weapon whilst only losing one attack down to 3) and changing to 3 damage from D3 if he charges. He can also use his sword to get an additional 3 damage 1 attacks at the cost of decreasing his save by 1. He also gets to blow his Mortal Wound horn when charging.

He has one less wound as Volturnas but the same save, no ability to bounce spells though.

His command ability and his reroll hits aura are identical to Volturnas but with a 12” radius rather than 18” and only affects one unit.

He’s a good model, and unlike Volturnas can take relics and a Warlord trait, but you probably lose more than you gain by doing so.

Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers – Isharann

The other named character has an octopus. That’s probably the best thing about him. He grants rerolls of hits to Namarti and buffs the bravery of nearby models by 1 which is ok. His octopus gives him a 5+ Feel No Pain, as you would expect an Octopus to do.

Isharann Tidecaster – Isharann

Silks Tidecaster
Credit: Silks

One of your few wizard options, she can cast and unbind one spell a turn. Her signature spell is 

  • Riptide: Casting Value 7, pick an enemy unit within 18” and make them hit at -1 until your next hero phase, when they also take D3 mortal wounds

Her main gimmick is that if she is your general you get to reverse the Tides of Death table, meaning you get High Tide on Turn 2. Worth considering if you really want to alpha strike early, although she is fairly easy to kill with only 5 wounds and a 6+ save (despite the fact she ignores the first wound taken each turn thanks to having a fish, as you would expect a fish to do). Probably the best option for Arcane Corrosion as she can sit on the backline doing nasty amounts of mortal wounds at a distance.

Isharann Soulscryer – Isharann

Silks Soulscryer
Credit: Silks

This model has two main purposes. First, he can pick an enemy unit within 24” and grant all deepkin within 12” +3 to charge, although the first model to move must finish within half an inch to be successful. 

His other gimmick is that he can set up off the table with 2 other units, then bring them on within 6” of the table edge and 9” from enemy units (his pals can come on 12” from him as long as they also follow the above rules) giving two units of Eels a 9” charge with +3 straight away.

A good way to get a reliable deepstrike with a charge boost and with the Cloud of Midnight on him he can protect anything he brings with him from being shot if he is the closest model to the enemy.

Isharann Soulrender – Isharann

Silks Soulrender
Credit: Silks

Your recursion piece for Namarti. He can bring back D3 models to a Namarti unit within 12” at the end of your battleshock phase. He gets to add 1 to that number for every model he kills with his hook, which he’s not actually that bad at. Definitely worth including if you’re going Namarti heavy.

Eidolon of Mathlann – Aspect of the Storm

The fighty version of the Eidolon isn’t actually that fighty. He has 3 attacks with his big spear hitting on 3+ and wounding on 2+ doing 2 damage (3 if he charged) with 2 rend as well as 4 attacks hitting on 2+ and wounding on 3+ doing 1 damage at rend 1 with his Hook. Additionally he gets 2D6 attacks with his shoal of fish as you would expect a shoal of fish to do. He also gets to reroll hits of 1 with his spear if he charged as well as charge after retreating and healing D3 wounds to himself once he charges.

The idea is him bouncing around like a yo yo killing things and healing himself, but he just lacks the punch to do that well in the current world of AoS 2. He does have a reroll wounds of 1 aura which could be nice on big units but at nearly 400 points it’s a very steep price to pay. He also only has 12 wounds with a 3+ save so isn’t anywhere near as survivable as his huge model would have you believe.

Eidolon of Mathlann – Aspect of the Sea

Silks Aspect of the Sea
Credit: Silks

The casty version of the Eidolon is much better. He can cast and unbind two spells a turn and knows two signature spells, both of which are good, if short ranged. You also get the choice to reroll a cast or heal D3 wounds to yourself (you don’t have to decide this until you fail a roll)

  • Cloying Sea Mists: Casting Value 6, either heal D3 damage to a friendly unit within 12” or deal D3 damage to an enemy unit within 12”
  • Tsunami of Terror: Casting Value 7, pick D6 units within 12” of him and give them -1 to their hit rolls and -1 bravery.

The Aspect of the Sea shares his wounds and save with the Aspect of the Storm, but being on a caster makes that much more acceptable. 

It has decent combat ability and can shoot blasts of Abyssal Energy for 2 damage at rend -2 making it one of the better shooty options (again it’s quite short range).

Lastly his aura is a +3 Bravery aura within 9”

This is by far the best choice of Aspect, although it’s still a very expensive model with not much survivability which seems to want to be in the middle of combat with its short ranges.


Namarti Thralls

Silks Namarti Thralls
Credit: Silks

Your generic sea elves with melee weapons. They can be taken in units of 10-30 and have one wound each with a 5+ save so they die to a stiff breeze. 

They do hit pretty hard though, with a choice between +1 attack (putting them on 3 attacks each) against models with 1 wound or +1 damage (making them damage 2, rend 1) against models with 4 or more wounds. If they get there they can certainly blend their way through units but they will evaporate if attacked back.

Namarti Reavers (Battleline if you have an Isharann General)

Silks Namarti Reavers
Credit: Silks

Your generic sea elves with bows instead. Taken in units of 10-20 they are super fast with a movement of 8 and the ability to reroll their run rolls. They have fairly poor shooting for a shooty unit, with 1 shot hitting on 4+ and wounding on 4+ doing 1 damage with no rend. This does increase to 3 shots within 9” though, which does put out a lot of shots if you want to walk into charge range. 

Akhelian Morsarr Guard (Battleline with an Akhelian Hero as General) – Akhelian

Silks Morsarr Guard
Credit: Silks

Here we go. This is what makes this battletome a monster to face. These guys are cheap even after a nerf, at 170 for 3 (can be taken in units up to 12). 

They shoot across the table with a 14” move (flying) and have 4 wounds each (with a 4+ save) and rerolling charges thanks to the musician. 

Where they really get scary is in combat. Firstly, they have a once per game ability where they can discharge their Eel energy, rolling a D6 for every model in the unit and doing a mortal wound on every 3+ and D3 mortal wounds on every 6+. Then, when they charge they kick out 2 attacks each, hitting and wounding on 3+ and doing 2 damage with 2 rend (as well as a D3 damage eel bite and D3 tail attacks as you would expect an Eel to do).

4-7 units of these, with 3-6 models in make up the bulk of competitive Deepkin lists.

Akhelian Ishlaen Guard (Battleline with an Akhelian Hero as General) – Akhelian

The same wounds per model and speed as their Morsarr brethren they also come in units of 3-12. Rather than dish out damage, they instead improve their save to a 3+ when they charge and get to completely ignore rend so they become quite hard to chew through (a unit of 3 has 12 wounds, saving everything on a 3+). Whilst not as powerful as the Morsarr Guard they are cheaper and durable and a couple of units are often seen in competitive lists.



Azkhelian Leviadon – Azkhelian

Silks Leviadon
Credit: Silks

Giant sea turtle! An absolutely amazing model with rather lacklustre rules. It has 16 wounds with a 3+ save so it is pretty durable and grants cover to deepkin units within 12” (he can’t benefit from it himself).

Whilst it can be pretty hard to shift its attacks are very lacklustre, with 6 shots from it’s rather impressive looking Harpoon Launcher only doing 1 damage with no rend. It gets 10 attacks at varying profiles, hitting and wounding on 3+ but not doing large amounts of damage or with much (if any) rend. It’s main party piece is grabbing something in it’s jaws and doing D6 damage to them (plus an additional 6 mortal wounds if the wound roll is a 6). Brilliant when it happens but with only one chance a turn to roll it (assuming you hit) it doesn’t happen as often as you’d like.

Other Units

Akhelian Allopex – Akhelian

Winning the award for coolest concept with the worst rules, these Shark ridin’ fools cost 100 points each and can be taken in a unit of up to 4 (which is rather foolhardy with bravery 6).They have 8 wounds each and a 4+ save so are fairly survivable. Their special move is that they reroll charges against things which have taken wounds but when they get there they don’t do much damage (apart from one sharkbite doing damage 3 with 2 rend and 9 more 1 damage attacks. Their Harpoon is pretty lacklustre, with either 3 shots doing 1 damage with no rend or 1 shot doing 3 damage (again with no rend). 


Gloomtide Shipwreck

The first of the, now ubiquitous, scenery pieces to be released. You can either place it as one large ship or two halves which have to be placed further than 6” away from each other (or an objective) after some initial wall building occured. It grants a 6+ mortal wound save to friendly Deepkin with 6” and does a mortal wound to enemies within 3” at the start of your hero phase on a 4+ (on a 6+ it becomes D3 mortal wounds). This has definitely aged compared to some of the terrain rules in newer battletomes but it remains a ridiculously cool model (and free to take).

Army Lists

I tried really hard to find lists that weren’t entirely Eel based that had done well at big tournaments but came up short. You should probably take Eels…

Luke Morton’s Eels

1st place, Sheffield Slaughter

The king of the Eel lists, Luke won one of the biggest AoS events in the UK with this

Allegiance: Idoneth Deepkin

– Enclave: Dhom-Hain


Volturnos, High King of the Deep (280) – General

Isharann Soulscryer (130) – Artefact: Cloud of Midnight


6 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (340)

3 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (170)

3 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (170)

3 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (170)

3 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (170)

3 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (170)

3 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (170)

10 x Namarti Thralls (130)


3 x Aetherwings (50) – Allies

3 x Aetherwings (50) – Allies



James Tinsdale’s Slightly different Eels

One of the top competitive Deepkin players, James’ list still takes advantage of the Eels with a twist thrown in 

 Allegiance: Idoneth Deepkin

– Enclave: Dhom-Hain


Volturnos, High King of the Deep (280) – General

Eidolon of Mathlann, Aspect of the Storm (360) – Artefact: Cloud of Midnight


6 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (340)

6 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (340)

6 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (340)

3 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (170)

3 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (170)


Wrapping Up

And that’s it. With the number of words we’ve devoted to Deepkin there’s inevitably some mistakes or stupid decisions in here somewhere, so if you spot any, or have any other feedback, drop us a note in the comments below, email us at, or drop us a line over on our Facebook Page.