Start Competing: Space Marines Tactics Updated!

With a huge strain of effort, our largest Start Competing has begun to be updated. Yes, it’s the Space Marines, and we’re on the way to getting them written up for their surprisingly extensive 9th edition changes. With this rewrite we’ve had the opportunity to re-appraise how we look at Marines, and so we’ve made a significant change – the core article, which you can find here, covers the Space Marines codex itself. Instead of what we normally do, talking about sub-factions and presenting army lists within this article, we’re instead going to mirror the Chaos Space Marines update and roll out a series of Chapter-specific articles for each supplement. We think this is the right move, as that content is chunky on its own, and Marines can look very different depending on Chapter (and also basically every Chapter is relevant to competitive play).

We hope you enjoy this updated article, and look out in the coming weeks as we roll out the individual Chapters – only 10 articles to go!

Start Competing: Space Marines Tactics