Tabletop Battles Apps Updates 8-18-2022

Last week we launched the public beta of the new Tabletop Battles app (formerly ITC Battles) – you can go and download the app by using one of the links below. If you’ve got a 40k tournament coming up this weekend, now’s a great time to download the app and set up your event. And if you already have an Administratum account, that login will also be your Tabletop Battles login – just use the same account you’ve already made.


What’s New This Week

We’re hard at work improving the app, adding new features and bringing in old ones. Here’s a list of the updates we’ve made since last week:


  • Added number of secondaries completed to Tempest of War scorecard.
  • Added Command Points row to game scorecards.
  • Added Creations of Bile secondary.


  • Changed Tempest of War “Hammer and Nail” map name to “Hammer and Anvil”.
    Fun fact: There are two English versions of Tempest of War cards in print; one with a map named “Hammer and Nail”, and the other with the same map named “Hammer and Anvil”.
  • Moved mission pack selector on Create Event page from Game Defaults view to main Create Event view.
  • Moved Xenos factions in Xenos category on Faction Picker.
  • Increased size of back button on Faction Picker.
  • Increased size of stepper arrows in scoring dialogs.
  • Scoring section labels are slightly more opaque now.
  • Improved screen view analytics.
  • Improved logging for crash reporting.


  • Add to event option on game view is now hidden when there are no events.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Event dates from being changed.
  • Maximum length on text fields for authentication changed from 50 to 150 characters.
  • Removed elevation shadow around scoring section labels.
  • Code preventing secondaries from having negative VP has been removed.
  • Total VP cannot go below 0. This happens before battle ready points are added.
  • Forces of the Hive Mind faction image now loads properly.
  • Starting CP fields no longer show “null” when empty.
  • The Scouring mission action can now be completed at the end of the game in addition to round 5.
  • Tapping on a score entry dialog will no longer close it.


If you provided feedback on the app or a bug report – thanks! Your help has been invaluable. If you have something else you want to report, or you just want to provide feedback, shoot us an email at contact@goonhammer.comBe sure to send us a screenshot if you can, and note whether you’re on iOS or Android.