Tabletop Battles Update: August 25, 2022

We recently launched the public beta of the new Tabletop Battles app (formerly ITC Battles) – you can go and download the app by using one of the links below. If you’ve got a 40k tournament coming up this weekend, now’s a great time to download the app and set up your event. And if you already have an Administratum account, that login will also be your Tabletop Battles login – just use the same account you’ve already made.


What’s New This Week

We’re hard at work improving the app, adding new features and bringing in old ones. Here’s a list of the updates we’ve made since last week:


  • Added a game description text field in Game Options
  • Added Necron secondary scoring UI
  • Added an option in settings to keep the screen awake


  • The default mission pack is now Strike Force rather than Incursion (if you’ve already played a game, your default will be whatever you selected last)
  • Changed the app name from “Battles” to “Tabletop Battles” on Android
  • Added a “0” score option to the generic secondary score entry screen


  • Fixed an issue that prevented adding an existing game to an event
  • The result screen will now properly show the player who went first on top
  • Fixed an issue during sign up that would show an error message even when the sign in was successful

What’s Coming Up

On top of that, you’ve all been so lovely and supportive, we thought we’d take a minute to talk about what’s currently in the works next for the app.

Currently Working on:

  • Some improvements to the round scoring UI to make differentiating you and your opponent easier
  • Getting cloud sync and backup up and running
  • Some behind-the-scenes improvements to the game system code to make future development faster

What’s coming up next:

  • An improved stats page with options for filtering and the addition of graphs
  • More ways to organize games with tags
  • Importing games from ITC Battles App
  • Better secondary scoring UI
  • Taking photos directly in the app and attaching them to a game

If you provided feedback on the app or a bug report – thanks! Your help has been invaluable. If you have something else you want to report, or you just want to provide feedback, shoot us an email at contact@goonhammer.comBe sure to send us a screenshot if you can, and note whether you’re on iOS or Android.