Necromunday: Lost Zone Advancements

Good morning Scummers, and a happy Necromunday to all (on time this week, too)! We’re diving into the Advancements system today for our Lost Zone module, the Goonhammer-made add-on to Necromunda campaigns that focuses on narrative play amongst the...

Necromunday: Campaign Progression, Part 1 – Advancements

Necromunda is, at its best, a campaign game. You get to recruit and guide your group of murderous criminals (or murderous cops!) through the Underhive, and watch them as they grow to the terrifyingly amoral powerhouse that they’re destined...
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Crusade Mission Pack: Containment – The Goonhammer Review

As with the prior Campaign books for 9th edition 40k, Octarius book 1 comes with a companion Crusade tome,...
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