How to Paint Everything: Getting Started With Airbrushing – The Basics

In our How to Paint Everything series, we take a look at how to paint well, everything. From armies to materials, techniques to finishes, we dive into the different ways of building and painting minis and examine the lore behind...

The Fabricator General: Getting Started with Airbrushing – The Basic Set Up and Equipment

In our Fabricator General series, we talk about hobbying techniques and tricks, and ways to build, model, shape, and fix everything, with an eye toward information for both beginners and veterans. This week, That Gobbo and Pvt_Snafu are talking about the equipment,...
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Crusade Mission Pack: Containment – The Goonhammer Review

As with the prior Campaign books for 9th edition 40k, Octarius book 1 comes with a companion Crusade tome,...
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