Blood Angels Red

How to Paint Everything: Quick and Easy OSL, the 20 min Method(s)

OSL, Oh Es Ell? Object Source Lighting, or if you're like me and didn't learn art and its proper terminology, painting something to look like it emits light, glows etc.. I originally wrote a quick article last year about how to...

Beer & Bristles: Episode 4 – Contrast Uniformity and Other Oxymorons

With the release of Citadel's Contrast paints I thought I'd give a few of them a test spin to compare and ... see what they're like and if they're the second coming of acrylic, evil glaze-magic or something else...
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Build a Hive City with TTCombat

As a long-time fan of putting cool-looking minis on cool-looking terrain, I keep my eye out for any opportunity...
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