GHB 2021

Age of Sigmar 3.0 – Battle Tactics in GHB 2021

Today I'll be taking a look at each of the eight battle tactics available when playing Pitched Battles (the standard game format) in Age of Sigmar third edition. I'll be covering the quirks of each of them, as well...

Age of Sigmar 3.0 – Listbuilding with GHB 2021

Today I’ll be discussing how I believe the rules changes that came along with GHB 2021 will impact list construction for matched play. While I am a firm believer that ultimately a player who becomes intimately familiar with a...
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Crusade Mission Pack: Containment – The Goonhammer Review

As with the prior Campaign books for 9th edition 40k, Octarius book 1 comes with a companion Crusade tome,...
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