Goonhammer Apps

Administratum: The Goonhammer Global Campaign Update (February 5th, 2023)

Conflict strikes at the heart of the Vadinax Sector and Administratum is here with some great new campaign tools to show you the warzone!

Administratum: A Very Special Update (December 25th, 2022)

This time, on a very special Administratum update, you can delete games, create campaign moderators, and have the best at-a-glance reference for your army!

Administratum: The Campaign Phase Update (December 18th, 2022)

Administratum's latest update brings with it Campaign Phases - a quick and powerful way of creating arcs within your campaign!

Administratum: The Validated Game Update – Part Deux (November 27th, 2022)

Administratum has been updated with new great stuff. Submit your armies for Validated Games and create Custom Upgrades for your units!

Tabletop Battles: The Smart Scoring Update (11/11/22)

It's been a while since we talked about Tabletop Battles but rest assured we’ve been hard at work on the latest release for your favorite gaming aid. This update brings smart scoring entry for all factions and missions, some quality...

Administratum: The Validated Games Update

New in Administratum - Record your games and tag your opponent. They'll be able to approve it or make changes. No more double-data entry!

Administratum: The Teams Update

Even with the new launch of Tabletop Battles, we've still been hard at work on Administratum. This week we're proud to announce the release of The Teams Update, which introduces a host of new features we've been asked about for some...