Goonhammer Apps

Administratum: The Space Marines Update

The Codex: Space Marine add-on is now available in Administratum. What Oathsworn Campaign will you embark on?

Tabletop Battles: The Crusade Update

We've been hard at work on updates for Tabletop Battles, and this week we're excited to announce that Tabletop Battles now supports Leviathan Crusade Missions! So if you've been looking for a way to track scores for Crusade missions, now...

Administratum: The Tyranids Update

Have you ever wanted to eat an entire world? I bet Saturn would be delicious, and the new Codex: Tyranids add-on in Administratum gets me closer to that proverbial pie in the literal sky. Check it out!

Administratum: The Multiplayer Update

Administratum now supports 2v2, 1v1v1, and all other wild and wacky combinations with The Multiplayer Update.

Tabletop Battles Now Supports Age of Sigmar

As many of you are aware, Goonhammer publishes Tabletop Battles, the premier app for tracking your games of Warhammer 40,000. Well GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! The app now officially supports Age of Sigmar 3rd edition. So click on the relevant link below,...

Spotlight: Capital Clash 2023

Goonhammer is proud to spotlight the Capital Clash presented by Breath Weapon Gaming. The event taking place July 29th and 30th in Petawawa, Ontario will comprise six rounds of 10th edition tournament play with 80 players competing for the...

Spotlight: The Palm Springs Open

Goonhammer is proud to spotlight the Palm Springs Open event, presented by Dicehammer.  The event taking place July 22nd and 23rd in Palm Springs, California will comprise six rounds of 10th edition tournament play with over 100 players competing...

Administratum: The Warhammer 40k 10th Edition Update

Administratum is ready for Warhammer 10th edition, are you?

Tabletop Battles Now Supports 10th Edition 40k

Some of you noticed last week when we went live with beta versions of the updated app but we are now excited to announce that Tabletop Battles supports 10th Edition Warhammer 40k, and the update is live right now. If you haven't...

Administratum: The Conquest Update (May 14th, 2023)

A new territory control system and rules editor is available right now in Administratum. See the cool new tools available for your campaign!