Ys VIII: The Lacrimosa of Dana — Pure JRPG Comfort Food

Some games are just comfort food; for me, those are JRPGs. “JRPG” actually used to be something of a real genre with real rules for awhile there, not because the Japanese developers of roleplaying games only made one kind of...

Video Game Review: Final Fantasy 7 Remake

At Goonhammer, our passion for games extends well beyond the tabletop. Each week, Jonathan “Crion” Bernhardt reviews video games, even the ones that aren’t Warhammer-related. In today’s review, he’s talking about the recently-released Final Fantasy 7 Remake.   Warning: This article...
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Infinity – ITS Season 13 Hot Takes

Corvus Belli has released the Infinity Tournament System (ITS) rules for Season 13. Goonhammer's crack team of Infinity Tactical...
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