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Miniature Review: Vikings by Victrix Miniatures

This week in the Goonhammer Historicals series, we continue our focus on the Viking Era with a look at Victrix Limited's offering of plastic Vikings in 28mm scale. Disclaimer: I paid for these minis with my own money, and Victrix...

Miniature Review: Victrix Games Ausf G Panther

Goonhammer Historicals is our weekly column taking a look at the varied world of historical wargaming. This week, Lupe reviews a new small-scale tank kit from Victrix. Victrix is a firm favourite for hard plastic historical miniatures at Goonhammer, and...

Miniature Review: Veermyn Tunneller

In our Miniature Review series, we look at the wide world of tiny soldiers for cool stuff to share with all of you.This week, Liam is reviewing the Veermyn Tunneller from Mantic Games. Disclaimer: The miniature in this review was...

Miniature Review: Pendekar by ZandrisIV Miniatures

This week, Mike takes a look at the Pendekar battlesuit from ZandrisIV Miniatures.

Miniature Review: Mantic Games Giant

In today's Miniature Review Lupe looks at the Mantic Games Giant, one of the cheapest giant miniatures on the market, to see if it holds up to the competition.