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Horus Heresy Model Review: Cerberus Tank Destroyer

This week both the Cerberus and Sicaran Venator go up for pre-order, so we can all get our grubby little mitts on the Heresy's largest and fastest tank destroyers. Before we get stuck in, a thank you to Games...

Model Review: Strike Force Agastus

Games Workshop sent us a whole pile of new Space Marines, and the team's been busy with their clippers and brushes. Here are at their thoughts on building and painting the new kits.

Model Review: Horus Heresy Sky Hunter Jetbikes

They're finally here! The plastic jetbikes we've all (well, at least all the White Scars players) been waiting for. Games Workshop have sent me a free box of them to review, and while I haven't been able to get paint on them yet we can take a look at what's in the box.

Model Review: Horus Ascended

Games Workshop sent Jack Horus Ascended to paint up. Here are his thoughts on building and painting it.

Model Review: Scorpius Missile Tank

This week the Scorpius Missile Tank goes up for preorder. Games Workshop sent us a preview copy to paint up, and I had a good time painting it for my Imperial Fists.

The Goonhammer Guide to 28mm+ Multipart Skeletons

Skeletons. The ubiquitous fantasy baddie. Whether guarding some broke treasure in a cave or gathering by thousands at the will of a necromancer, skeletons have been striking terror into the hearts of the living for ages. In this article...

Kill Team Shadowvaults Boxed Set Review: The Kasrkin, the Terrain, and the Contents

Games Workshop introduced us all to the Gallowdark with the release of Kill Team: Into the Dark last month and they've now continued their stretch of adventures in the depths of space hulks with Kill team: Shadowvaults, a new...

The Short Kings: A League of Votann model review

We've been furiously grinding away at our painting desks here in Goonhammer Towers getting the Leagues of Votann built and painted from the boxes Games Workshop provided us to review. While the rules team had some very interesting reactions,...

Miniature Review: Wargames Atlantic Grognards

Thanks to Wargames Atlantic for sending these over to us for review. "Grognard" is a term I know well - I use it, I've been called it, I build it, so when Wargames Atlantic's Les Grognards kit arrived, I was...

Miniature Review: Victrix French Dragoons

Dragoons! The slightly awkward child of Napoleonic cavalry, the solid middle between the immense Cuirassiers and Heavy Cavalry and the dashing Light Cavalry, the ones that everyone playing in 28mm needs, but noone is really excited about building. In...