Narrative Play

Codex Dark Angels – 10th Edition: Crusade Review

We take a deep dive into the Crusade rules in the upcoming 10th Edition Codex: Dark Angels.

Administratum: The Photo Gallery Update

Share photos of your best games and worst models in Administratum's Photo Gallery Update.

Pariah Nexus – The Nephilim War Crusade Rules Review

Pariah Nexus is the campaign supplement Games Workshop should have published when 10th edition launched.

TheChirurgeon’s Road Through 2024, Part 1: New Year, New Plans

TheChirurgeon's Road Through 2024 officially kicks off this week as he looks at hobby progress, building new narrative terrain, and a practice competitive game against Swiftblade where he walks through his thought process.

Administratum: The Necrons Update

Administratum's add-on for Codex: Necrons is now as live as alive as living metal gets! Read more about it inside.

TheChirurgeon’s Road Through 2023, Part 27: End of the Road

In TheChirurgeon's FInal Road Through 2023 post he looks back on the year that was - competitive play and hobby progress - and muses on what's ahead.

Killzone: Bheta-Decima and the Salvation Missions

We weigh in on Killzone: Bheta-Decima and the Salvation Missions, and whether the killzone will be a tournament staple.

Cosplay and Carnage – Primaris Kevin’s Experience at the Grand Narrative

As much as I can appreciate and respect the tournament scene, Warhammer 40k has always been a narrative game for me. I love the stories that come from every battle, whether it's the lowly grunt who goes through hell...

Administratum: The Adeptus Mechanicus Update

Administratum supports the new Adeptus Mechanicus codex. Take a look at the new terminal inside!

The Hemocan Chronicles: Day Two – Gunum vs …Goonhammer?

Welcome back, dear readers! It's me, Gunum! I am here again with the continuation of my Games Workshop Grand Narrative recap. Today, we will be talking about the escalation of my leader’s war effort, a game versus one of...