Sky Serpent

Army Showcase: Paulie Wallis’ Drukhari

The Painter: Paulie Wallis aka Sky SerpentThe Codex: DrukhariPoints: 12,000+Collecting Since: 1997Instagram/Facebook: @skyserpent40k @realspaceraiders The Past I began the hobby as a kid with Lizardmen and really threw myself into Warhammer and its extensive world and lore, focusing only on Fantasy....

Content We Liked, 7/13/2019

The Week Ending July 7, 2019 Although it’s a big internet out there, the Warhammer digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes...
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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – Turn Order

Abstract games are regarded as either sacred tomes or four-letter words depending on one's tastes. Or you can go...
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