The Ultimate Guide to Kill Team Commanders

Something we've been continually asked about as we've released articles on Kill Team is Commanders We admittedly don't think about them all that often; they're not part of competitive play, and the majority of our content skews heavily in...

Kill Team Specialists, Part 3: Comms, Leader, Veteran, and Scout

Welcome back to our weekly Kill Team Tactics series! This week, we’re continuing our multi-part series covering Specialisms in Kill Team. We’ll be talking about how to evaluate and choose them, and which ones are worth paying points for...
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Contemptor Kevin’s Road to the West 4: Bon Tempes, Beignets, and Bad Listbuilding PART 2

"Contemptor" Kevin Stillman's write-up of his experiences at the Games Workshop US Open tournament continues this week as he...
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