Speed Paints

Hobby 101: One-Coat Painting – Speed Paints, Contrast, and More

Intro Over the years the Goonhammer crew have put together a vast and expansive library of painting guides. Appropriately titled “How to Paint Everything” we’ve got schemes and recipes for 100s of models. They all, however, assume you know the...

Noobs and Experts: 5 Friends Try Speed Paint 2.0

Special thanks to The Army Painter for providing the set of Speed Paints used in this article.  This article contains images of miniatures unlocked early in the Frosthaven campaign, spoilers will be hidden until clicked on. The launch of Games Workshop's...

Battletech: Paint Starter Set Review

Catalyst Game Labs and Army Painter are releasing a paint starter set aimed specifically at battletech. They sent us a copy to review, and Perigrin has given them a go.