How to Paint Everything: Getting Started With Painting and Modeling

Before you start competing, you better have some minis built and painted. Our How to Paint Everything and Fabricator General series are super useful, but can be intimidating if you're completely new to the hobby. In this article we're going...

Buttscribe Has Been Updated!

Hi Everyone, Robert "TheChirurgeon" Jones here with EXCITING NEWS about Buttscribe, aka THE BEST DATACARD CREATION TOOL EVER CREATED. After months of requests, badgering, and hounding, Greg "" Chiasson finally gave in and updated the software with a NEW FEATURE: ...
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Infinity – ITS Season 13 Hot Takes

Corvus Belli has released the Infinity Tournament System (ITS) rules for Season 13. Goonhammer's crack team of Infinity Tactical...
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